Tips to have a healthy eye
Healthy Eyes

Tips to have a healthy eye

Everybody must know the importance of their eyes. If you are having any eye problem you must go for a checkup.  We should not take our eyes for granted. Effective measures must be taken to take care of your eye.

  1. Sleep well at night: A good sleep can give us a healthy eye as it helps us to eliminate dark circles, bulging eyes, eye redness and irritation. Giving rest for 6 hours can be a gift to your eye.
  2. Eat healthy foods: Food can play an important role for our eyes. Starting your day with healthy food can be good for your eyes. Foods which contain vitamin C and E, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, vegetables like green leafy spinach, fishes like tuna, salmon including protein foods like eggs, beans etc have to be consumed to get a healthy eye.
  3. Wear sun glass: Your eyes should be protected from harmful ultraviolet rays. You should wear sun glass whenever stepping outside your home.

    How to take care of your eyes
    How to take care of your eyes
  4. Avoid too bright computer display: Too bright a display may hamper your eyesight. You must take 10 minutes gap on every 20 minutes of work. This will give rest to your eyes.
  5. Remove makeup: It is essential to remove makeup from your eyes as it may cause infections. You also have to wash all your eye brushes before applying it to your eye. Makeup dump on makeup brush might cause infection.
  6. Power nap: Power nap can be good for your eyes. It rests your brain and soothes your eye.

  7. Clean scalp: Clean your scalp alternate days to prevent from dandruff which if comes in contact with eye, may result.

Hence, to see the beautiful world you need to take care of your eye very well. 

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